How do you say it?

Maka is pronounced with a back of the throat "ah". Kinda like the word "Mock".. So all together it is like this "Mock - Uh"

"Now that I can say it, What is a Maka?"

No, we were not teaching you to say a dirty word in Russian. Maka is actually the Hawaiian word for eye, so when you see Maka Wear, think eye wear. Simple. That is what we are dedicated to, making cool eyewear. What does cool mean? Well, first of all, wood sunglasses.

Why Wood Sunglasses?

Reason #1 The beauty of using wood, is that the grain in every piece used to make a pair of Makas is a little different. That means that every pair of sunglasses is a veritable snowflake for your face. No other pair of sunglasses we make or anyone else ever makes will be exactly like yours.

Reason #2 As it turns out... it grows... on trees! So that means that our wood sunglasses can be manufactured sustain-ably. As in, not depleting the resources of your Mom.. You know, your Mom... Earth? Yeah.

Reason #3 Like other woods. The wood in our sunglasses decompose. That means that after you are done with your pair a few decades from now, it will peacefully return to the earth from whence it came.

Reason #4 It is a natural flotation device. No, you are not wearing a life preserver on your face... No way it is keeping your head above water when the story of Noah 2.0 comes along, but it is awesome for a day at the lake or beach. Who doesn't know someone who has lost some shades to the great blue beyond? Get a floating pair of Makas and keep yourself from hefty littering fines and as an added bonus keep your sunnies from the hands of that greedy King Neptune too.

In Conclusion.

So in short, Maka Wear is dedicated to making great eyewear in wood. We are always working on bringing new woods and styles for our wood sunglasses on board. If you have a suggestion, send it to us, if we use it, we will send you a half dozen pair of wood sunglasses that feature your brilliant idea as a thank you for your genius.

TL:DR - It is "Mock-Uh" it means "Eye" in Hawaiian and we like wood. A lot. So, we make wood sunglasses.