Cloudbreak Polarized Square Brown Bamboo Sunglasses

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Cloudbreak Polarized Square Brown Bamboo Wood Sunglasses Straight

Bamboo sunglasses…they may save your life, or at least we think so. While researching the benefits of using bamboo construction for our Cloudbreak Polarized Bamboo framed glasses, we came upon a fascinating article from the “Survivalist Blog

We have summed up a few of the uses for Bamboo recommended by this blog and adapted them as best we could for use with our bamboo framed sunglasses. Now remember, this is for emergency situations only, don’t go ruining your sunglasses unless your life depends on it.

Survival Skills: 7 --Ways to Use Bamboo -

  1. Bamboo poles are both strong and lightweight, which makes them a great choice for building an emergency shelter. We admit that you will probably need more than one pair of our sunglasses if you want a roomy shelter, but we did say “emergency shelter”….okay?

2. You can get water from some species of bamboo. – well honestly, our bamboo may not be one of those species, but hey, if you’re thirsty why not give it a try?

3. Bamboo can help you with your fire building when split into kindling and firewood. Since our sunglasses are already “kindling size” ..think of the work you’ll save with all that splitting.

4. Consider bamboo as a torch for low-tech lighting. Split one end of your glass frames and insert some tinder and drip a little oil on it. This will give you a bright torch that should last for 15 or 20 minutes. But we hope you are smart enough to pack a flashlight so you won’t have to ruin your nice Bamboo framed glasses.

5. Build food steamers and cook pots from your bamboo framed glasses. This works best if everyone in your group is wearing our sunglasses because you will need a significant amount of bamboo for this project.

6. You can boil your bamboo frames and try eating them..lots of fiber.

7. Get out of trouble Huck Finn-style on a bamboo raft; and again, we recommend more than one pair of bamboo framed sunglasses for this project.

Hopefully you will never find yourself in this kind of life threatening emergency, but, hey, if you do, and you are wearing your Cloudbreak Polarized Square Brown Bamboo Wood Sunglasses, you may survive to tell your story.

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