Cloudbreak Polarized Square Sunglasses - Red Rosewood

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Cloudbreak Polarized Square Red Rosewood Sunglasses Straight

On a winter afternoon four friends from childhood walk through the picturesque district of California. Among special places, landmarks, and small artisan shops, they discover an old warehouse that had given a new shape and angle to wood for generations. Influence and knowledge drawn from their work in the fashion world begins to boil along with the smell of freshly cut wood and after a little brainstorming, a new concept of wooden sunglasses is born.

Nothing can beat the luxury of vision of a wonderful scenic image at a beach. But shit happens. You suddenly become overwhelmed with the view to the extent that you realize that the precious equipment resting on your eyes is actually dangling somewhere amidst the sea. Eventually, you may want to spruce things up a little.

Forget the old finicky doldrums. Get the brand new pair of Cloudbreak wood frame sunglasses that not only look great on your face but also give you a classy view. The real thing is sweeter but also fresh. This is because we made this through years of expertise without compromise: just enough to suit to your tastes and fresh design.

Recommended for first dates, get them in a range of various designs and colors and make your significant other fall for your class.

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