Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized Duwood Wood Sunglasses

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Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized Duwood Sunglasses Straight

Gone are the days when you used to clinch over the banal platitude of “doing what Romans did”. The new Conorado Polarized Duwood sunglasses are here to help you flaunt your style everyday! Whether you relish in the charms and party of the British or hook out on the beach having a high tea in a bikini this wooden pair is deemed to suit your class.

Alternatively, spend a day at the yacht club or find yourself lingering at the night club, it’s paradise with Makawear. Keep dreaming on & the possibilities are endless!

And as you continue to climb through the gears, see the beautiful world filtered through these Duwood sunglasses and you shall feel indulging in the epicurean sumptuousness of the vision. As you wind from one stretch of road to another, the same thought would keep running in your mind: “Is it just me that won’t let go or the other way around?”

By the time you just end up the day, lie up in the pensive frivolities on the bed, you’ll be all but dubbed in the fine experiences, you’ll get to know the answer! So what are you waiting for: Order one for yourself today!

6 Month Limited Warranty