Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Natural Bamboo Wood Sunglasses

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Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Natural Bamboo Wooden Frame Sunglasses Straight

Are Pandas cool? Of course they are just like these Bamboo wood Whitehaven style sunglasses!

As most of us already know, Pandas are just frigging awesome. If you need a reason to believe this fact then please note the following:

  • Pandas are Bears. They are not grumpy and grouchy I’ll tear you to shreds on first sight Grizzly bears. They are peaceful, loveable bears who look cuddly and cute yet deadly (because they’re bears).

  • Pandas are Black. Yes they are. No you cannot disagree with this. And no, you may not racially abuse them because they are also white.

  • Pandas are White! Of course they are, they don’t really give anything for the whole White versus Black debate.

  • Pandas are Asian. I think this one should be plain obvious. Come on, the bear is native to China. I think that is Asian enough.

  • I think since they are White, Black and Asian, it is plain obvious that Pandas are awesome.

Now, by logic anything Pandas love should also be cool right? It is the same with celebrities, and pandas ARE a celebrity. PERIOD. Anything a star loves or adores is ALWAYS fashionable. And pandas love Bamboo.

Henceforth let it be known that anything Bamboo is cool. Especially these awesome pair of whitehaven style sunglasses with a rectangular design which are constructed with Bamboo wood.

Model is shown wearing this style in Zebrawood.  Natural Bamboo modeled in other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

6 Month Limited Warranty