3 Things You Didn't Know about Polarized Lenses - MakaWear

28th Aug 2016

Here at MakaWear, all of our sunglasses feature polarization. But what does that really mean and how does that really work? Well, we are here to shed some light on 3 things you never new about polarized lenses.

1. Polarized Lenses are not Actually Polarized

You read me right, they aren't polarized. Actually, we agree that the term "polarized lenses" is a pretty inaccurate thing to call them that. They are called that because they filter out polarized light. Light becomes polarized when it hits a surface like a lake or the surface of a car and goes from oscillating in several directions into just one direction as seen here: 

How Light Becomes Polarized

When all this light goes from moving in several directions to moving back and forth, it combines to create a massive force of blinding glare. 

The polarized lenses on our wood sunglasses simply filter out this light that is moving back and forth to get rid of this glare in such situations. So, we think polarized lenses should actually be called "polarized light filtration lenses" but so far, it hasn't caught on. 

2.  You Can Do Magic with Polarized Lenses (OK, it is actually science)

Since polarized lenses are created to block out light that moves side to side like the image above, if you take one polarized lens and put it in front of another,  and rotate one of the lenses, you can block out light moving side to side and light moving up and down, thereby darkening out what is behind the two lenses perfectly. This also serves as a great test to see if your lenses are in fact polarized as shown here:

3. Polarized lenses do Nothing for UV Protection

When you buy a pair of polarized sunglasses, you may think you are getting protection. And you are, from glare.... and it does it very effectively, so on a day skiing, a day on the lake, or in traffic, these are great for making your vision crisp, but this does nothing toward protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays. So, ensure, when you buy a pair of wood sunglasses, that you are getting UV400 lenses that block out virtually all of these damaging waves. Fortunately for you, all Maka Wear sunglasses are not only polarized, but are UV400 as well. 

If you have a pair of sunglasses and are unsure if they protect from these rays, take your sunglasses into an optometrist and they can usually test them for free for you. 

We hoped you enjoyed this guide, so, when you are ready, buy a pair of Polarized UV400 Wood Sunglasses buy them from us by clicking on one of the categories above.