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3 Quick Steps for Picking a Pair of Sunglasses That Looks Good on You

All you need is a dry erase marker, a mirror, your face and this guide. After following these steps, you will officially know which pair of wood sunglasses will be right for you!See more wood sunglasses at MakaWear.comNow you know what you didn't know.

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A Briefer History of Sunglasses

Did you know that the first sunglasses dating way back to prehistory were wood sunglasses and they were shutter shades? Those Inuits knew what they were doing. To be fair, and according to Wikipedia they could also be made out of walrus tusk and antler, but we prefer to believe they preferred wood when possible. Our super [...]

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Wood Sunglasses Sizing Guide

One thing we get asked about all the time, is how to size a pair of sunglasses. Here is a guide that we think you will find useful: 

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Recent Product Shoot

We had a recent product shoot to feature some of our products. We will be posting photos from that shoot over the next several days. Here are some initial samples.This is a rainbow shot featuring our different wood grains, they are from left to right, Ebony, Brown Bamboo, Red Rosewood, Zebra Wood, Duwood and Natural [...]

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Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

How do you decide which eyeglasses or sunglasses style fits that mug of your best. Checkout this graphic below and get it figured out now. 

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The Blog Without A Purpose

This is not even a real blog post, but just words on a page broadcast through the inter-webs of time and space to magically appear on your computer screen instantaneously. It is like telegraph without the annoying beeps. or like the pony express but without anyone getting saddle sore.

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