Things You Didn't Know About Bamboo Strength

2nd Sep 2016

We offer 8 different pairs of bamboo sunglasses featured in brown-stained bamboo and natural bamboo. We think bamboo is pretty amazing and is worthy of our appreciation. We also have … read more

How Polarization Works in Depth

29th Aug 2016

We found a cool video that explains how polarization works in depth from a scientific perspective by a YouTuber named Eric Mickelsen. If you have 12 and a half minutes of spare time, we suggest you … read more

Wood Sunglasses that are Very Floatacious

22nd Aug 2016

One thing that is pretty cool about our sunglasses is that they all float.  Here is a pair of floating Cloudbreak Zebrawood sunglasses we brought to the pool. It is pretty tough to get a good sho … read more

MakaWear Model Shoot

15th Aug 2016

We recently did a Wood Sunglasses shoot for MakaWear photo shoot out in the woods. Check out some of the shots we got:In the top left: Coronado Zebrawood, top right, Whitehaven Duwood, … read more