Tips for Green Vacationing #1 - Hotels

24th Mar 2017

Next time you are planning a vacation, plan to go green.

Historically, in the United States we spend far more money while on vacation than during regular life. During regular hum 

drum life, we spend somewhere around $90 a day in regular expenses between car payments, rent or mortgages, etc.

 While on vacation, we still maintain those daily expenses but on top of that we wind up spending a lot. According to the Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average domestic trip runs about $144 a day and international trips, $271 a day.

As a result, hotels, airlines and retailers clamor for tourist dollars. 

So, for those that care what our planet will be like for future generations, we can make statement with our vacation spending.

Tip #1 Book Hotels that Do Green Things 

Checkout the hotel's website to see what kind of green programs they run. These can range from programs that only wash towels that are dirty to conserve water, a comprehensive recycling program, running the lights via solar panels, composting. features a list of hotels that are committed to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Check them out: