Lets make it real clear for you. If you don't dig your Makas, return them within 30 days in original packaging and like new condition for a full refund minus shipping expenses incurred. That was easy. 

If you decide to return a pair, let us know so that we can give you a return authorization number to stick in your box before you send it out. Contact us at for instructions.


Nobody likes defective junk. Or at least, that is what we believe here at Maka Wear. As such, we offer a 6 month warranty against manufacturing process defects, acts of god and some such.. So, if your Makas end up being defective in any way, contact us and we can repair or replace your pair and get that wood back on your face.

Things that are not acts of god: Your rear end, your foot, your totally wicked wipeout, your 3 year old (other ages of children inclusive), your way to hot dashboard etc.

Things that are acts of god: Earthquake, hurricane, flood, tsunami, tornado, Godzilla attacks (GOD - Zilla), alien abduction (oh, and you have to prove it. If you can, we are interested to hear about how it resulted in a pair of broken sunglasses. Also, we would like to understand, why, after being abducted by aliens and having evidence sufficient to prove it, why you are most interested in getting a replacement pair of sunglasses instead of revealing to the planet that we are not in fact alone in this universe.). 

There may be some other acts of God we would cover, so, if you have an act of god that has not been listed above, contact us to let us know what it is and we can decide if you are covered.