Cloudbreak Polarized Square Zebrawood Sunglasses

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Cloudbreak Polarized Square Zebrawood Sunglasses Straight

Are you the kind of person who sometimes, while, maybe more than sometimes, likes to bring attention to them? Do you like to wear the newest styles whether or not others think they are suited to you? Do you take a lot of “selfies” with your phone and obnoxiously post them on Facebook throughout the day?

Perhaps some people, even your friends, remind you of your vanity and have to push you away from shop windows where you stand admiring your reflection.

If any part of the above describes you, then you are sure to love our Cloudbreak Polarized Square Zebrawood Sunglasses. These sunglasses SCREAM for attention with their black and brown stripes and for goodness sake they are made of one of the most unique “designer” woods available.

How many people do you know with wood framed glasses, not many eh? Don’t you love that!? Be the first among your friends to set a new trend and have them worship your fashion forward thinking self! Come know you’ll love making your friends green with envy as you stand there in your rare and gorgeous Zebrawood framed sunglasses.

And..when your friends want to know where you got them, you can safely tell them; do you know why? Because our sunglasses are made out of real natural wood and each piece of wood is unique!

That ‘s two pairs of sunglasses will be exactly alike. So you can help your friends improve their fashion IQ’s and be a hero without compromising your unique style.

6 Month Limited Warranty