Cloudbreak Polarized Square Ebony Wooden Frame Sunglasses

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Cloudbreak Polarized Square Ebony Wooden Frame Sunglasses Straight

As Tina sat sipping her Cosmo, taking in the local scenery at the beach-side cantina , she saw that it was full of the usual suspects: college kids on spring break swilling beer, overly-tanned mavens with too much gold hanging from their necks, “that guy” who was really drunk and talking REALLY loud, retired couples dozing in the sun and newlyweds gazing dreamily into each other’s eyes.

“What a waste of money” she thought to herself, “another vacation at a so-called fun-filled resort, and it’s just as dull as the others I tried.” And then she saw HIM..“Shaken not stirred”, is the first thought that came into her mind.

At the end of the bar sat a man full of James Bond cool. Tina could not recall the last time she looked at a man that simply took her breath away. “Oh my gawd..” she muttered to herself, “this guy has to be a spy . Well, he certainly looked the part; a well-dressed expert in espionage indeed! He was wearing a crisp white Linen shirt, a nicely fitting pair of khaki slacks and a Panama hat .

But, what really gave him away was the pair of our Cloudbreak Polarized Square Ebony framed sunglasses that sat upon that perfect nose! “Ebony framed glasses?”, Tina pondered, “no ordinary man wears Ebony framed sunglasses that takes a special kind of style and class.” “I bet he has a marvelous English accent too.” She couldn’t stand it any longer; Tina downed the last of her drink then walked slowly over to “spy guy” as she had now named him.

“Hello” she said, my name is Tina, mind if I share this side of the bar with you? It’s a little too loud over where I am.”

The man answered, in the thickest southern drawl she had ever heard: “Well, I declare, little lady, I would be mighty flattered to have a cute little gal like you sit here next to me.” “I won this here vacation for selling the most vacuum cleaners for my company, what brings you here?”

Tina paused, taken off guard, and just sat staring at those Cloudbreak Ebony glasses. “Well”, she thought, “those sunglasses are still really cool.”

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