Cloudbreak Polarized Square Natural Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses

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Cloudbreak Polarized Square Natural Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses Straight

Since the dawn of time..or somewhere thereabouts: man has struggled with ways to protect himself from the harsh elements of his environment and the eyes being very vulnerable, were of great concern. For example, some prehistoric peoples living in an artic climate created masks with narrow eye slits from ivory in order to protect themselves from the blinding effects of sun and snow. In 12th century China smoky quartz panels were used as a kind of sunglasses to shield their eyes from the bright summer sun.

And here’s one you might cringe at hearing , but we found it interesting. During a syphilis epidemic in the 19th century, patients were prescribed amber and brown-tinted sunglasses to ease their sensitively to light – another unpleasant side effect of the disease. Well, we are pretty sure that none of these ancient sunglasses looked as good, nor were they as comfortable as our Cloudbreak Poloraized Natural Bamboo Sunglasses.

Fast forward to the 20th century and sunglasses become a fashion item. This trend seems to have started when silent film stars began wearing sunglasses when they were off duty because the bright arc lamps used on sets left them with red eyes. And of course once the stars were wearing sunglasses the public followed suit so that they too could wear something that glamorous stars wore.

If you are old enough, you may have heard of “Foster Grants” the first really mass produced sunglasses for the mainstream fashion industry. Sam Foster began selling mass-produced sunglasses, called “sunnies” under the label “Foster Grant” at Woolworths.

You’re not going to find our Natural Bamboo Sunglass at Woolworth’s or any other 5 and Dime store, but you can order them here from our website and have them shipped to your home, free of charge…another very modern convenience.

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