Coronado Polarized Wayfarer Style Natural Bamboo Wooden Frame Sunglasses

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Coronado Polarized Wayfarer Style Natural Bamboo Wooden Frame Sunglasses Straight

Times have changed and so have the priorities. We have seen people seeking class in expensive stuff and others losing it for the sake of small pocket size. We have seen all this before. For the past several years, we have seen all this floating in and change the way people use to wear class.

This is precisely why we believe that you should change too. Get rid of those old specs and get the brand new pair of Coronado Wayfarer style natural Bamboo sunglasses from Makawear.

This passion arises from the conjunction of pure love for this natural material and a passion for design innovation with the aim of finally converting the finest wood in a product of high tendency .

A distinctive feature has made ​​Makawear different , unique and original. And what may that be? It’s the use of natural wood in manufacturing its sunglasses.

Each of its designs to its very detail, is made ​​with sustainable wood of the best quality from approved plantations. And this is so unique that each product is carved from a single piece of natural wood; a sign of true craftsmanship.

Something you really want to have it. Don’t you?

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