Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized Brown Bamboo Wood Frame Sunglasses

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Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized  Brown Bamboo Wood Frame Sunglasses Straight

Can something really awaken your spirit? Can this thing really gloom your spirits while you are obsessively down on the beach while others are actually having loads of fun downright in front of your eyes?

Well, nothing actually can, if you don’t want to. However, we, at Makawear, can assuage your pain to some extent with our brand new Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized Brown Bamboo Wooden sunglasses. We continue the legacy of tradition, craftsmanship and wood care, reinventing manufacturing and marketing of wooden sunglasses. 

Our commitment to natural products offers a new way to help you create a new lifestyle. Also, the innovation of these products made ​​with noble and elegant materials fused with fashion has created a new trend in the market. 

This edition of Ebony Sunglasses is inspired by crafts carpenters who spend their working time pampering every detail of their work, the work that always reflects of the handmade, the unique. 

We, at Makawear, feel honored by the effort and affection dedicated to this particular bamboo artifact, in order to make it more unique and give it an authentic outlook.

6 Month Limited Warranty