Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized Ebony Wooden Sunglasses

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Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized Ebony Wooden Sunglasses Straight

I can see you-

Your brown skin shinin' in the sun

You got that hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on, baby

I can tell you my love for you will still be strong

After the boys of summer have gone

-Don Henley “The Boys of Summer”

The quote from this popular song expresses the feel of summer and of the use of the Wayfarer sunglass image tells us, the audience something about summer. Without saying anything else we see sunglasses … a particular type of sunglasses and we see summer as the songwriter sees it. One powerful cool image.

Wayfarer sunglasses were first manufactured in 1956 by the sunglass company Ray-Ban. They have been credited as the best-selling sunglasses design of all time. We believe our Coronado Wayfarer Polarized Ebony Wooden Sunglasses take that style to another level. Anyone can find a pair of plastic or resin Wayfarers, but not so many are sporting ones with Ebony wood frames.

The question is, how much cool do you want? Or maybe we should ask how much cool can you take? Why don’t you try some cool on for size and order a pair of these revitalized classics?

6 Month Limited Warranty