Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Duwood Frame Sunglasses

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Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Duwood Frame Sunglasses Straight

Super lightweight, with a curious touch of new material, Duwood and some details still to refine, you would think that it's a great way to change impressions of the people. Actually, it's all about standing out from the crowd. A great pair of wooden sunglasses may not resist casting its impact till the moment it catches up a place on your face.

The Rockaway Duwood sunglasses offer you the same. The pair comes in with an attractive design meant to look and give you an elegant and sexy demeanor that has no match within its kind, since they have been innovated and fabricated for the ways and appeal that you would like your peers to see it.

So while you focus on the masters at hand, we’ll focus on you. We are proud to introduce the luxurious appeal of the Duwood wooden frame glasses, which when put on your face will provide you a seducing appeal that lasts for hours. This is why we have developed a unique manufacturing process that helps to suit your demeanor. 

After experiencing several processes, we have come to the conclusion that making sunglasses with solid wood retain the essence of it and make a totally unique piece everytime. For us the accuracy and manual labor are always present. For you it's the appreciation of art and proclivity towards class.

Model is shown wearing this style in Red Rosewood.  Duwood modeled in other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

6 Month Limited Warranty