Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Ebony Wooden Frame Sunglasses

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Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Ebony Wooden Frame Sunglasses Straight

If style is what you got to earn, then this pair of ebony wood frame sunglasses from Makawear, is just right for you. Our wood panel makes it easier to use, tougher and resistant against scratches and gives it the class that you would ever expect from a pair that is worth twice its price.

Then our years of expertise have given it a better outlook helping it to bulwark against the harsh weather and other external influences.

Now consider moving out to the beaches of a foreign land with these pair of Bamboo sunglass and you would realize the comfort of the most spacious business class luxury on earth. It offers you the next level of gratification with more room to express yourself.

All along with other things that other brands talk about. These wooden Sunglasses are made with ebony wood, and it's fashionable lenses gives a touch of class whereas its hinges are conformable to your face size and are perfect for the beach and snow!

These bamboo sunglasses are not just sunglasses. They are beyond this. They are a projection of our personality and the way you view the world. They claim that we are different with traditional and sustainable values, such as natural wood, but for new uses; with craftsman air and proximity, but able to take on the world. Acetate is dead, baby! Long live wood!

Is this feeling amazing? For you, it comes up even at a pocket friendly price as well!

Model is shown wearing this style in Red Rosewood.  Ebony modeled in other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

6 Month Limited Warranty