Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Natural Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses

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Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Natural Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses Straight

They say the first step to overcoming a vice is to acknowledge and talk about it. It's not easy, but when passion becomes madness, no choice but to 'take the bull by the horns', stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself:" You have worked hard to earn this respect and class.

Are you sure you want to succumb to the traditional wooden sunglasses that don’t let you earn the respect you deserve?" With the brand new Rockaway bamboo sunglasses, it’s nothing like the way it used to be. From the beginning, Bamboo Sunglasses were made to be luxurious. The brand new sunglasses are so lavishly made that you would fall badly in love with it.

Its trendy wood frames respond to a movement that promotes organic aesthetics and the creative power of nature as inspiration. The entire collection shows the strength of the wood in its possible shades, from the grain is discovered inside the trees, the textures of logs.

Models going through deeper brown and burgundy and even give each character a unique spectacle. Different colors, as seen through the various existing types of wood, wood flood this inspiration, alternating forms and adapt to both male and female style.

Model is shown wearing this style in Red Rosewood.  Natural Bamboo modeled in other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

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