Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Red Rosewood Sunglasses

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Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Red Rosewood Sunglasses Straight

Imagine you have suddenly decided to become a nature fan. The type who is more or less trying to eat, sleep, wear, drink, live, and marry… sustainably.  Sustainability is fine but what about looking sustainably good? You know even if someone goes green, it doesn't mean they can't do it the right way.

If you are going to go green at least do it looking cool. Imagine if you decided to go green uberdork style. What if you drive people away from being green becuause they are so repulsed by you? Now, wooden sunglasses aren’t just for movies where the bad guys are meant to take them off dramatically and say "Deal with it" or the good guys are supposed to make the hot girls swoon with a flip of their shades.

sunglasses are actually useful in real life (especially wood ones). BUT wait, you cannot wear regular sunglasses. They aren’t biodegradable… But wait, they are with this pair of Rockaway Butterfly Style Red Rosewood Sunglasses.  Even the name of the shape is ‘butterfly’. Try finding greener sunglasses. Well, they are red.. but you get the idea.

The charm in this pair of biodegradable yet absolutely dazzling pair of wood frame sunglasses is that they are stunning to look at. They will not only give you a fierce fashionista look with their Rockaway style, but since they are literally made with Rosewood, they will definitely match your ‘care for mother nature’ personality.

6 Month Limited Warranty