Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Zebrawood Sunglasses

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Rockaway Butterfly Polarized Zebrawood Sunglasses Straight

Imagine you are a fashionable person who is living a miserable life. Yes, you can be fashionable and miserable at the same time.

Now suddenly out of the blue, you are given a bunch of lottery tickets as a post-Christmas present by your schizophrenic yet cheerful and super funny grandmother’s sister’s son’s wife. You decide to just try your luck with them. In any case what’s the harm?

Sadly for you, you lose. But on the bright side, your office decides to appreciate you a bit more by sending you on a trip to Africa so you can live with wild animals for a little while.

Now you are on a jeep in the middle of the continent without any clue as to what you’re supposed to be doing there without WiFi. Suddenly you spot a herd of wild but thankfully not carnivorous animals. They are the Zebra! Great now you have some company.

Now, these aren't just any zebras, they are the coolest zebras around. If you’re wondering how you can find an in with these color challenged quadraped, then the answer is simple: it’s because, before your left on your trip, your uncle felt bad about all that money you wasted on lotto tickets so he bought you a pair of our exclusive sunglasses prepared from Zebrawood.

These polarized sunglasses are perfect for the hot open summer sun and with the butterfly shape and rockaway style you are sure to look dazzling, especially to our zebra friends.

Model is shown wearing this pair in Red Rosewood.  Zebrawood modeled n other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

6 Month Limited Warranty