Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Brown Bamboo Wood Frame Sunglasses

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Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Brown Bamboo Wood Frame Sunglasses Straight

You just so happen to be a successful businessman with contracts around the globe. If you don’t want to be a businessman then just think for a moment that in this hypothetical scenario you are not just a businessman, you are also filthy, stinking rich! Now you have the deal of a lifetime: A multibillion dollar contract with the Chinese government. All you have to do is to impress them.

You decide to suit up with the best designer brands but since a fortune cookie advised you to, you decide to switch from normal aviator sunglasses to a pair of stunning and unique Whitehaven style sunglasses with a rectangular shape and polarized glass made with Brown Bamboo wood.

Now you are desperate for this multibillion dollar deal since it means you get to beat longtime rival Bill gates. So you decide to bring out the big gun: your favorite Cuban cigars. You also watch The Godfather, so you also brought a cat, you try closing the deal. But sadly the Chinese have never seen The Godfather. (Yet another reason communism stinks). So, they are not impressed.

But, that’s not the end of the story, since you were intelligent enough to follow a cheap fortune cookie’s advice and wore your polarized rockaway brown bamboo wood sunglasses. The Chinese are definitely impressed with your wood face style! Boom. you get that deal. Story over.

Model is shown wearing this style in Zebrawood.  Brown bamboo modeled in other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

6 Month Limited Warranty