Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Duwood Sunglasses

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Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Duwood Sunglasses Straight

Who doesn’t love looking unique? Okay so a lot of people don’t. But don’t look at them, they are too scared to be bold. But you are not. No definitely, you are someone who takes charge of the moment and finds no hesitations in wearing a pair of unique polarized sunglasses made with Duwood.

These fabulously unique rectangular wooden sunglasses with a style as brave as you are. This is exactly why you became a hero that midsummer morning in the wild, wild, west.

You saw the cowboy faint from the heat of a noon day sun. The poor bastard wasn’t wearing a good pair of Duwood polarized sunglasses. His eyes just couldn’t handle the sun. All of the sudden bad guys surrounded the collapsed cowguy with a harlot from the local saloon as a hostage. The rest of the town was scared and clothed in a sea of bland. No one else was bold enough to wear a pair of Whitehaven Woodies.

But you were. And this is exactly why you jumped all six hooligans and pulled some Borne Identity moves with your well endowed wood sunglasses. instantly putting all 6 I comas and saving the day. As I said, nothing wrong in being unique like these sunglasses.

Model is shown wearing this style in Zebrawood.  Duwood modeled in other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

6 Month Limited Warranty