Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Ebony Wooden Sunglasses

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Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Ebony Wooden Sunglasses Straight

What’s the point of sunglasses made with Ebony wood? To be honest, lots and lots. Ebony wood is not just your average wood. It’s EBONY for Gosh’s sake; Pitch black and solid as a rock not to mention smooth.

And well come on, the name ‘Ebony’ itself is cool. It’s like a fashionable designer name in the realm of wood, not like your average ‘Oak wood’ or some plane old ‘Pine wood’ it’s Ebony.

Now that we have established the fact that these sunglasses are made from designer wood, let’s focus on the style. The style for these killer shades is aptly named Whitehaven. The style is plain gorgeous and combine the Whitehaven style with the lustrous Ebony wood and you have a pair of smashing shades which are sure to put the best of the best of your everyday synthetic metal or plastic shades to shame.

Metal and plastic, let’s admit it, are just too mainstream. Wooden sunglasses are both unique and sturdy. I mean if you were to be mugged with a pair of average but expensive non wood based glasses, you won’t be able to do anything. But with these pitch black rectangular shaped sunglasses on, you will look so menacingly awesome and cool that no mugger will dare bother you.

Model is shown wearing this style in Zebrawood.  Ebony modeled in other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

6 Month Limited Warranty