Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Red Rosewood Frame Sunglasses

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Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Red Rosewood Frame Sunglasses Straight

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous woman who loved red color. She also prized her stacks of Rosewood that had no apparent use and polarized glass windows of her poor cottage. This woman had a fantastic taste in fashion and unbelievable handicraft skills.

This gorgeous eve lived in a kingdom ruled by a man who was voted by the nation’s private and wholly transparent magazine as the most eligible bachelor. One day this man decided it was high time he got married. So he invited every good looking woman to come to an annual fashion party.

Our leading lady, the sexy but poor fashionista also decided to contest. She decided to create a fantastic pair of sunglasses with her prized possessions.. you know, the stack or random red rosewood wood and polarized windows... got it? Good. and so she handcrafted a pair of lustrous Red Rosewood frame sunglasses with polarized glass, a rectangular deign frame and called it the Whitehaven style.

Then she wore this striking pair of sunglasses and became the center of attention throughout the kingdom because of these awe inspiring red rosewood sunglasses. The end.

Okay not really. The beautiful woman was rewarded well for her innovativeness and boldness and declared a fashion icon. The prince married some other woman but the magazine ratings were biased and he was actually an idiot. Our beautiful heroine became famous because of her unique sunglasses and lived happily ever after.

Model is shown wearing this style in Zebrawood.  Red Rosewood modeled in other styles are also attached to demonstrate color.

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