Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Zebrawood Frame Sunglasses

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Whitehaven Rectangular Polarized Zebrawood Frame Sunglasses Straight

Surviving in the Future 101: Get a pair of Whitehaven style sunglasses with polarized glass and a frame made with Zebrawood.

Why? It is fairly obvious why. The world out there is a beast. Anyone who is not equipped well will die and suffer, metaphorically speaking.

  • If you are not cool enough, consider yourself dead to society and especially say goodbye to ever fulfilling your dream of dating a celebrity.

  • If you are not equipped to deal with the blinding and harsh summer sun, consider yourself old and wrinkled due to sun damage. You do not want to spend load and loads of cash on stupid cosmetics and anti-wrinkle creams and painful botox treatments. Especially if you are a dude because. I for one, will make fun of you and so will everyone else.

  • If you do not have a pair of sturdy sunglasses, consider yourself mugged and penniless on the streets because you could have struck a potential mugger in the head with these Zebrawood tough sunglasses to knock him out.

  • If you do not have these particular sunglasses you will never be able to chill with the herds of Zebras in the wild Africa because herds of Zebras love humans who wear sunglasses made with Zebrawood because your will blend in.

Do you need any more reasons for buying these awesome Whitehaven sunglasses? With a striking rectangular design and sturdy Zebrawood frame, they will give you the power to live life peacefully and fashionably.

6 Month Limited Warranty